It has long been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. Iridology involves the study of the iris as associated with disease and gives us a unique insight into the inner environment of the body and its state of health. Different markings in the iris can reveal inherited conditions that may lead to physical and emotional disorders. Over many years, iridologists have “mapped” segments of the iris to correspond with various internal organs, and their ailments. Iridology is an excellent starting point in assessing your health and can help jog your memory about things that have happened in your past that may influence your current level of health.

At your first consultation Fleur will take a photo of your right and left iris using the latest in iridology camera technology to achieve high resolution quality images that show up even the smallest of detail. Fleur will discuss your results with you during your consultation as part of your holistic health assessment and answer any questions you may have. Your treatment plan will reflect the results of your iridology assessment in order to achieve lasting improvement to your health.