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Organ Function Testing

The Ryodoraku organ function test system is a unique system of Japanese electro-acupuncture. Organ function testing provides a way to record the excess and deficiency of qi (energy) in each organ using electro stimulation over selected acupuncture points.



It has long been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. Iridology involves the study of the iris as associated with disease and gives us a unique insight into the inner environment of the body and its state of health. Different markings in the iris can reveal inherited conditions…



Relaxation Massage (Gift Vouchers Available) – Feel Relaxed and Rejuvenated! Relaxation massage is a wonderfully calming and pleasant experience.
Remedial Massage – Remedial massage helps to promote circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, reduce joint pain, improve muscle health….


Family Health

I can help with many of the most common aspects of family health –from a broad range of issues covering men’s health, women’s health or babies and children’s health.
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Consultation and Fees

Initial Visit : $120.00 (60 minutes) – The first consultation involves gathering information about your current health as well as previous health conditions. Testing is also involved during this consultation and is included in the initial consultation price and may include:

Blood Pressure

Comprehensive Health Appraisal


Second Visit – Testing Appointment: $90.00 (30 minutes)

At the second visit further comprehensive testing is completed to complete a full comprehensive assessment of your health.

Testing is included in the price of the consultation and may include (depending on your needs)

Organ Function Test (based on traditional Chinese medicine)

Tongue & Nail Analysis

Waist Measurement

Oxygen Saturation Levels

Stretch Test

Note: If you require pH testing and/or  zinc tally test you will be advised. The cost for pH testing and zinc tally testing is charged separately at $10 each.

Report of Findings Consultation $140.00 (60 minutes)

At the report of findings consultation you will be provided with a comprehensive written report of findings outlining the findings of your tests, a comprehensive treatment plan and accompanying relevant information.

All Follow Up Appointments $90.00 (30 minutes)

Usually spaced out 2-4 weeks apart depending on your individual health needs.


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